Threerawat Wonghart: Multimedia designer

Threerawat Wonghart.

Multimedia & Interactive designer, eight years experienced; both full-time and freelancer.

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Project Date May 9th, 2018
Client Güssing Renewable Energy
Role Maker, 3D modeling

The 3D Printing Gasification Power Plant project showcases the benefits of using advanced technology to create an interactive and engaging learning experience for customers. By utilizing Autodesk Fusion 360 for 3D modeling and exporting G-Code for 3D printing, a physical model of the Güssing Renewable Energy's (GRE) gasification system has been developed for Chaiyaphum Biorefinery in Thailand. This innovative approach allows customers to better understand the concept of renewable energy and interact with the model, much like a board game.

As a professional designer, I have employed 3D printing technology to create tangible components of the GRE-DFB Gasification system, based on the demonstration site in Nongbua, Thailand. The project demonstrates the power of 3D printing in making complex concepts more accessible and engaging for audiences who are new to renewable energy. By combining advanced technology with more tangible approach, this 3D printed gasification power plant model successfully educates and engages customers.