Threerawat Wonghart: Multimedia designer

Threerawat Wonghart.

Multimedia & Interactive designer, eight years experienced; both full-time and freelancer.

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Project Date November 30th, 2017
Client AAU Project
Role Graphic design, UI Design

Avalanche: Disaster Assistance Magazine & Branding is a print publication designed to address the significant natural hazard of snow avalanches in Europe's mountain areas during the winter season. With rapidly changing conditions, such as snowfall and snowpack, coupled with winter activities, tourism, and urbanization, avalanches can cause substantial losses and structural damages. This project aims to contribute to avalanche prevention and relief through a comprehensive magazine offering a range of articles, advice, and insights on avalanche safety.

I have applied my expertise in branding, layout, and composition to develop this magazine. The magazine's design is based on a meticulously crafted grid system, utilizing Adobe InDesign to ensure a visually appealing and organized layout. Also, the project also extend to app that designed to cater to person who is new to skiing and seeks valuable information to ensure thier safety on the slopes. By providing vital information and engaging content, the magazine empowers users to stay informed and safe during their winter activities.

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