Threerawat Wonghart: Multimedia designer

Threerawat Wonghart.

Multimedia & Interactive designer, eight years experienced; both full-time and freelancer.

Full Résumé

Homies: Interactive display

Project Date May 11th, 2014
Role 3D + Animator, Graphic Design

The interactive Projection project showcases the power of large-scale interactive screens, created with minimal coding to swiftly achieve a minimum viable product. As a bachelor's degree final project, our team explored various possibilities to create an engaging and visually expressive the experience without the complexity of extensive programming. The project ultimately utilized two projectors and an iPad as input, allowing users to interact with the large-scale display in a user-friendly manner.

I applied my creativity and problem-solving skills to overcome technical challenges and limitations in coding. By using Macromedia Flash and playing frame by frame, the project achieved its goal without requiring advanced programming knowledge. This innovative approach demonstrates that even with limited coding expertise, it is possible to create immersive and interactive experiences that captivate audiences and effectively communicate information.

Video Showcase day (1:20 mins)
Video Video Presentation (2:36 mins)