Threerawat Wonghart: Multimedia designer

Threerawat Wonghart.

Multimedia & Interactive designer, eight years experienced; both full-time and freelancer.

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Project Date March 22th, 2018
Client CarbonXChange
Role Developer, Maker

The Kasseren project, a Point-of-Sale system, envisions the future of sustainable economy for local cooperatives and small villages by harnessing the power of blockchain technology and NFC. As part of the WNM 725 Interactive Physical System course at the Academy of Art University, this solo project involved designing an NFC reader that transfers information to a web interface, authenticating JavaScript to use MetaMask, and writing the block for ERC20 contracts using Ethereum Solidity Remix. The resulting confirmed chain blocks can be scanned on the Ropsten Network.

I have developed the Kasseren project from hardware to software, creating an enclosure design in Autodesk Fusion 360, 3D printing and sanding, and working with Arduino (C++) and JavaScript for the web interface. By integrating blockchain technology and NFC, Kasseren facilitates decentralized exchanges, free from the control of any phone operating system. This innovative approach demonstrates the potential of blockchain and NFC technologies in shaping the future of sustainable economies and empowering local communities.