Visiting Children Creativity Museum SF

Okay… Let’s make it short by bullet.

• for children age 2-12 year old.

• Focusing about growing math and science personality trait.

• They have super interactive sanding box that demonstrate how geography works + climate change.

• They have a green screen stage with camera that you can play weather forcast on TV. Pump up confidence for kids.

• They also teach the basic code like building block by using mini robots. Kids can use iPad to program by dragging code blocks and discovery the process of thinking like programmer.

• Behind the scene


• Beautiful architecture and LaRoy King carousel that constructed in 1906

• Activity table for children to draw 2D picture and turn into 3D. Project to the big curve wall surrounding.



Midterm Presentation IoT Class

Finally the presentation day has come. This is the first hardware project ever in my life. In the beginning of concept is about represent information about San Francisco on map. I have got inspired from city simulation game such as Simcity. We use 3D printer to print project models and we use 2D projection to project the information on the canvas. People can move the model for experiment and design the city based on their creation (Urban planning). This physical interactive planed to place at city hall, everyone can planing the city.

Specification :

• Size: 22 x 16 inch
• ESP32
• Canvas 3D Printer

The software part is NodeJS by using module from MaptasticJs
Program EPS32 Micro controller by Arduino

To be honest… this project is just beginning to fulfill my dream of having computer that I would like to have. It is a long way to go but this is a journey of personal interested.

SF is going beyond than just a pool car.

San Francisco always surprise me with something new in everyday life. Last August, Bay Bikeshare has rebranded to Ford GoBike with new fancy dock station and new bike. Following by JUMP bike share that doesn’t require docking station, you can literary just park everywhere. And now…….. we have the new player who just launch their project last month… an electric scooter sharing! There is 2 companies in market right now call Bird and Lime. You can unlocked by app and enjoy the riding for 15 mins = 1$ How cool is that???

Now everyone has even more choices to move from one point to others point. I think it is true that people around my age (20-30 years old.) no longer interested in ownership any more.

Processed with VSCO with au5 preset

By the way, Do you know Vanmoof? It is a smart + fancy bicycle more details. They are about to shaking their business model as well. Imagine that you have to traveling around the world like Amsterdam, Berlin, Tokyo, London, Paris, San Francisco, or New York. and you cannot bring your favorite bike with you. So they will make the bike available for you any country that you go, paying by subscription. Actually I am looking forward for this one because I believe I have to move a lot soon.